The new version of the on-line catalogue, CARMEN 2.5, has a more modern and streamlined appearance, and readers will certainly appreciate the faster response times when searching all of the library collections. The Carmen 2.5 on-line catalogue allows you to search for information about books, journals, and other items in all of the library’s collections. You can start your search of the on-line catalogue easily by typing your search word into the search box and clicking the Search button. Carmen is just like the Google and Yahoo! search engines; you do not need to fill in the Author, Title, or Keyword input fields.

Every library user has their own reader account where they can monitor the status and history of their borrowing activity, their reservations summary, payments, notices, and create and edit their own list of favourite items. You can change your login password, change the personal information that you entered during registration, and enter an e-mail address where you can receive library news (reservations, notices, etc.).

Registered users can reserve items they have searched for, enter comments on discussions about individual items, and rate items.

Thanks to RSS, the on-line catalogue allows users to keep up-to-date on items added to the catalogue without having to visit the catalogue repeatedly and search for the requested information.

The resolution of the CARMEN 2.5 on-line catalogue can be adjusted to size, thus allowing users to search on mobile phones and tablets.