Registration and reader account

In your reader account, you can monitor your borrowing status and history, reservations summary, summary of selected items, payments, and notices. You can also choose to receive news about the library collections and set up how you would like the on-line catalogue to appear in your browser. You can change your login password, change the personal information that you entered during registration, and enter an e-mail address where you can receive library news (reservations, notices, etc.). Users who have logged in can reserve documents they have searched for, enter comments on discussions about individual items, and rate items.

You can log in to your library account in the upper right-hand corner in the on-line catalogue main menu by entering your library card number and PIN (usually the first six numbers of your birth certificate number).

If you are not registered at the library, i.e. you have not been assigned a library card number, you can use the so-called pre-registration. Pre-registration allows you to use the on-line catalogue just like a registered user. When you click on the Register link, a new registration form will open (see image), which you must fill out. Your PIN must contain at least 4–10 characters. Do not forget to choose which department or library branch you wish to register with.

Your reader account offers the following options:

Selected items: by choosing the option Select on the right-hand side of the record, you can add items you are interested in to your list of selected items. For more information, see the chapter Selected items.
User settings: set up how you wish the on-line catalogue to appear, and set up library collections news subscriptions that can be sent to the e-mail address you have provided.
Change personal information: the registration form contains the information you entered when you registered at the library. This information can be changed or supplemented, for instance, with an e-mail address where you can receive notifications about reservations, notices, or library news, etc.
Change PIN: the library card number and first six numbers of you birth certificate number are used as default access information for reader accounts. This option allows you to change your PIN as needed. This reader account access identification code must contain 6–10 characters.
Items checked out: a summary of current items checked out, in order of department. Clicking on the item title will open a new window with the catalogue record. Checked-out items can be renewed on-line. The Borrowing history tab displays a summary of returned items.
Reservations: view and cancel reservations.
Orders: a summary of documents that you have requested from the closed stacks in the Copy listing. Clicking on the item title will open a new window with the catalogue record. You will receive notification that the document is ready for pick-up at the respective library department via e-mail.
Suggest an item purchase: if you are looking for an item that is not yet in the library collections, you can use this simple form to submit a suggestion to employees in the library’s acquisitions department.
Fees: a summary of all payments—for reservations, notices, registration fees, etc.