Selected items

By choosing the Select function on the right-hand side of the record, you can add documents you are interested in to your list of selected documents.

The list of selected items and other functions for working with the list are available in your reader account, which you can access by signing in at the top of the page in the on-line catalogue main menu by entering your library card number and PIN (usually the first six numbers of your birth certificate number).

The overview of your selected items can be displayed as a Listing, i.e., each individual record includes a brief item citation with basic information about the item and the option of reserving the item, or in a simplified view, as a Table.

This list is saved automatically, i.e. these selected records are available at any future time after logging in to the reader account.

The on-line catalogue offers various options for sorting items in the list, e.g. by author, title, etc.

The individual records can be easily categorised using labels, i.e. marking related items corresponding to a keyword or term, or so-called label, which describes the item.

If you would like to create a new label for related records, type the name of the label into the text box in the right-hand section, and click the New Label button.

You can remove labels from the list by clicking on the “x” next to the name of the label. If a record has been marked with this label, this record will also be deleted.

Selected records among the groups you have created that are marked with labels can be easily moved, or can be added or copied to groups marked with the respective label.

In the table view, you can select the item that you wish to move or copy to a different group or label by marking it. You can choose the destination label from the drop-down menu beneath the document overview.

Add: the record will be copied to the selected group, .i.e. marked with another label.
Move: the record will be moved to the selected group, i.e. marked with a new label. It will be deleted from the former group, which means that the former marked label will be deleted.
Empty: all records are deleted from the current label, whose name is in the heading of the selected record overview. Warning: ALL of the items will be deleted from the current label. You cannot choose by marking individual entries.

Individual entries can be deleted from the overview of selected items by clicking on the Heart in the right-hand section of the record.

The overview of selected items or the part of the overview marked by the label can be sent via e-mail in the chosen format, saved in the chosen format, or transferred using an automatically generated link (URL, addresses).