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The Minorite Monastery with the Church of the Holy Spirit are significant historical buildings of the city. They were probably founded in the years 1241-1250. Originalyy gothic complex was later baroquized.
The convent, besides its standard utilization for the order purpose had also served for the public life needs. Commodious Renaissance parliamentary hall on the first floor arose out after the year 1575. The Land Assembley was in the session here for the first time in 1577. The immense fire of the city in 1689 had changed the convent and the church into the ruins.
The third wing of the convent was built in 1714, but after its damage iin 1734, there were the renovations. A new two-storied buildings was completed in 1758. There was also an adjustment of the next two wings. The fire affected the convent very perceivably in 1790.
The 19th century was the period of the administration. The main wing was also used for numerous institutions and offices. Only a middle wing was fully used for the convent purposes.
During the occupation in 1938-1945, the whole complex was annexed to the Imperial Archives. The monastery and the church were considerably destroyed in a bomb-attack in 1945. The general reconstruction of the most damaged eastern wing of the convent had been in progress from the year 1973 to 1989. Now the main wing also serves for the cultural-social needs of the region. The parliamentary hall is among others used as an assembly hall of Silesion University.
PhDr. Danuška Kouřilová
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